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We all have seen the movie Pinocchio as a child. A puppet that sits on a shelf. He wishes to be real. I have made that same wish for myself. I wanna be real. Drop the act,take off the mask and feel..REAL. Lately I have been going through the motions and I am pulled by invisible strings. And I've pushed down the hurt and I've held back the tears. And covered up the dreams. But beneath it all, the me I buried long ago.. Is screaming to break free. Drop the act, take off the mask and feel real.


199 steps to Whitby Parish Church, by Martin Sutton. Whitby Parish Church is a lovely place I am certain, but it isn’t the reason people trot up and down all those stairs. The church is right beside the ruins of Whitby Abbey, and that is where they are going.   The town of Whitby, with its medieval, Eastern European sort of old world charm, is on the eastern coast of North Yorkshire beside the North Sea. (Martin Sutton)


I like how this picture makes you feel like you can almost go down the stairs... If you had a mind like mine I guess .


Lemon, Tomato and Feta Coodles

Now, I had promised myself that I wouldn’t post any more spirilized recipes for a while. I know they always go down well, but I don’t want to become that girl constantly peddling the green stuff! But this is one Coodle recipe that you need in your life. It was born out of what happened to... Read more