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I Do!! I Miss YOU!!! There's a part of my heart missing! No matter what I'm doing..what's going on around me..I'm aching to be with YOU!! I love being with YOU & it's so hard to be apart!! I wish YOU were in my arms..I need to feel YOU against me! I LOVE YOU!!!***


"I'm forgetting how much I had loved him! Oh, how I miss him!" Elise cried out. Marcus put his hands on the side of her head and locked their eyes."He forgot about you! Remember that? He would sweet talk to you, but when the time came to risk himself for you, he would treat you like a fellow warrior. And it lead to his death, and your inprisonment, remember that Elise, when you are missing him" ~ Anna


You know whats sad bout love? Its when you happen to know that there's just no hope for you being together yet you still pray to make it work. Its when your mind says 'let go' but your heart says 'hold on.' Its when you dream of that person almost every night only to wake up in the morning with tears in your eyes. And most of all, its when no matter how you try to forget that person, you just cant cause of the fact that you love that person so much and you just dont know...


14 Best Love Quotes of All Time

Sometimes I wish I could silence the mind & calm the soul but I will always wonder what would of become of us if I had just let you in....


Honestly, there's a part of me that's always going to have feelings for you. And yes, I might move on, and try my best to be happy. But if I'm ever asked who I love, your name will always be the first one in my mind.


Nu am vrut niciodata sa te ranesc. Niciodata. Doar sa te iubesc enorm ca si in prima zi cand te amzvazut stiam ca o sa avem un drum lung si frumos. Si inca stiu ca nu o sa se termine drumul nostru niciodata atat timp cat ne iubim reciproc. Nu ma satur sa ti spun te iubesc.