Love Spells Do They Really Work? Love spells have been in existence through the ages in almost every part of the world and that is why the origin of these spells cannot be traced to only one place.Love psychics often perform love spells to enhance love relationships in their client’s lives.These love spells are symbolic acts that are performed in an altered state of consciousness to get the desired results...READ MORE:

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Microcosmos Records presents Soma by Cubering, #chillout music producer from #Moscow, #Russia. “Soma” is a musical tale about the complicated journey of the exploration of the inner self through altered states of consciousness and following experience. Layered #atmospheric shades, warm #bass, strong #beats and gently percussions filling the time and #space all around the listener. njoy! on #youtube

This is a guided meditation by one of the nations leading hypnotherapist and seminar trainers who specializes in brain/mind technology. In this session you will be guide through an aura-expanding induction, the open and balance the chakras, generate a deep state of relaxation and an altered state of consciousness using your mind and visualization to explore and receive insight into the future.

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Binaural Beats: A Meditative Gateway to Altered States of Consciousness | Wake Up World

We all know that altered state of consciousness can be achieved by many means, including psychedelic drugs or meditation, just to name a few. A recent research shows, however, that there is a much easier way to induce this state – by staring into someone else’s eyes for 10 minutes. Giovanni Caputo from the University of Urbino in Italy sorted 20 volunteers into pairs and asked them to sit at the distance of 1 meter in front of each other and stare straight into each other’s eyes for 10…

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We invite you to join a traditional shamanic Ayahuasca retreat of healing, transformation and altered states of consciousness in the Amazon Rainforest of…

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