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What is Alport Syndrome? Alport Syndrome always affects the kidneys, creating scar tissue that affects the filtering system leading to kidney failure. Alport Syndrome can also affect the ears, but hearing aids are usually very effective. Some patients also experience vision problems. #AlportAwareness #AlportSyndrome #kidneydisease #hearingloss

Alport Syndrome (Collagen IV-Related Nephropathies). X-linked Alport syndrome is a basement membrane disease with important ocular manifestations. All males with anterior lenticonus should be evaluated for Alport syndrome. Posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy and posterior subcapsular opacities have also been noted

October is #HearingLoss Awareness Month, offering the perfect time to take a look at how #AlportSyndrome affects hearing. #AlportAwareness


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March is Alport Syndrome Awareness month! Here are some great fundraisers that will be supporting the Alport Syndrome Foundation! Access code: CAEC…

Alport Syndrome: The Natural History Study A worldwide study is underway to better understand how the disease progresses. Find a study site near you!

Alport Syndrome - Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Ongoing care and Clinical pearls - A group of genetic diseases with defects in one of several subunits of type IV collagen that cause progressive hematuric nephritis and deafness Read more: