Is it possible for a female to have Alport Syndrome and develop after the age of 60 ? Alport Syndrome just like Polycystic Kidney Disease is a kind of genetic disease, it may has no obvious symptoms at the early age, but it may occurred at a

As Kidney Month continues, so do posts about kidney diseases/syndromes/etc... Read all about Alport Syndrome...

10 Facts about Chronic Kidney Disease, like Alport Syndrome

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The Eyes in Alport Syndrome. #AlportSyndrome can cause some eye abnormalities in at least half the patients. Learn about the most common eye conditions patients may experience. #AlportAwareness #raredisease #kidneydisease #eyeabnormalities

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What is Alport Syndrome? Alport Syndrome always affects the kidneys, creating scar tissue that affects the filtering system leading to kidney failure. Alport Syndrome can also affect the ears, but hearing aids are usually very effective. Some patients also experience vision problems. #AlportAwareness #AlportSyndrome #kidneydisease #hearingloss

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