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Arabic alphabet table

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I would love to be the reason you enter Jannah pops ❤️ may Allah guide me to make that possible for you. In sha Allah

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Making Monday Marvelous #90

Silhouette Alphabet Giraffe - great to do in art class with the kids! - stencil the outline lightly in pencil, then rub it out at the end

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The Arabic Alphabet has 28 letters. The shape of these letters changes depending on their position in the word, whether isolated; in the beginning of the word (initial); in the middle (medial); or at the end (final).

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Language: In this image you can see all of the Farsi letters and all 4 of their forms.There are 32 letters in the Farsi alphabet, but unlike our alphabet each letter is written differently depending on where it is in a sentence.This means if you were to learn to write in Farsi, you would have to memorize 32 letters x 4 forms to know how to write Farsi and that would equal 128 different characters to memorize!

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