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Jules Adolphe Breton French, 1827-1906, The Song of the Lark. I spent some time recently in some of the galleries I don't visit as often, was struck by this painting. It seems to be showing some moment of exasperation, or melancholy- not sure what it is about but the mood with the sunset and the sickle in her hand is mysterious and outstanding!


This pattern is available in English and French. Both versions are contained in the pdf file. You can choose to only print the version you want. **Le fichier pdf contient une version anglaise et française -- vous pouvez imprimer seulement les pages qui vous concernent.~~~"Alouette, gentille alouette..." As sweet as a whimsical children's song, this little cardigan is the prefect addition to a little girl's wardrobe. Straightforward to knit with its top-down construction and pretty stitch…