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HITLER'S DAD'S REAL NAME Alois SCHICKLGRUBER was born in Strones in the Waldviertel, a hilly forested area in NW Lower Austria north of Vienna, to a 42 yo unmarried Maria Anna Schicklgruber whose family had lived in the area for years. When he was christened, the space for his father's name on the baptismal certificate was left blank & the priest wrote "illegitimate".Alois was raised in a house she shared at Strones with her elderly father, Johannes Schicklgruber.

Adolf Hitler visita la tumba de sus padres (Alois Hitler y Klara Polzl) en Austria ciudad de Leonding. Año 1938



alois hitler il padre di adolf hitler e la sua tomba_wwii

William Patrick Hitler on enlisting into the US Navy, 1944. His father was Alois Hitler Jr., the half-brother of Adolf Hitler. [[MORE]] William Patrick Hitler’s WIKI. (Later changed to William Patrick Stuart-Houston) A blogpost at about Adolf Hitler’s nephews.

Alois Hitler (born Alois Schicklgruber; 7 June 1837 – 3 January 1903) was an Austrian civil servant who was the father of Adolf Hitler.

Teddy Roosevelt was Alois Hitler, the father of Hitler.