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16 Fancy Literary Techniques Explained By Disney

16 Fancy Literary Techniques Explained by Disney. For instance? There is dramatic irony in the Lion King, as Simba thinks he killed his father, yet the audience knows that Scar really did it. Going to print these out and hang in my classroom


A colorful moving circle! When you look at it it stops, but the instant you look away it moves turns clockwise.


Image detail for -20 Shots: Long Exposure Photography Examples Waves bring out a different side of the world, seeing the way in which time flows water. Interesting.


What is allusion in literature? Use storyboard examples to help students understand the allusion definition and importance of allusion in literature.

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100 Photos You Have To Look At Twice To Understand

Here we have compiled a fantastic collection of 25 funny and creative photography illusions collected from all over the internet, some are golden oldies that everybody has seen, but some are new and inspiring.