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What a nightmare! Read how one family dealt with their little girl's reaction to mosquitoes.

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Due to how terrible the Mosquitoes are this year I am posting this so many of you will know how to treat the area if you or your child are bitten by a mosquito, not everyone is allergic to mosquito bites but for those who are it can be a miserable time. The best and Natural way to treat an insect bite is to use one of the following:

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Mosquitoes are the bane of summertime _ they make great food for bats and birds, but for people they_re a nuisance, and their bite is definitely worse than their bark, especially for those who have allergic reactions to them.

Doesn't look like much, but this is a little pot of gold to anyone allergic to mosquito bites! Aloe Vera butter, chickweed oil, hemp seed oil, clays and essential oils, oh my! Just a dab of tjose goodies will stop the itch, help expel the venom and reduce the swelling!

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What a difference Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment has made for little Grady who is allergic to mosquito bites, a major problem being a country boy! In just one day Soothe interrupted the inflammation, calmed the redness and irritation on his ear! Soothe is nonsteroidal and can help you take care of insect and bug bites, poison ivy, burns, skin irritation and redness, so that you can take comfort in solving these problems immediately!

Many people are 'allergic' to mosquito bites just like a wasp or bee sting, though they are not dangerously so.

Allergic Reaction to Mosquito Bites: Treatment for Skeeter syndrome

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