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Harry Potter - Ron Weasley - Hermione Granger - Draco Malfoy - We're all just kids who grew up too fast. Yes. Rowling's relatable writing is amazing.

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If The Characters Of "Harry Potter" Looked Like They Did In The Books

Daniel Radcliffe in Prisoner of Azkaban was about as close as the movies got to an accurate portrayal of book Harry, but let’s be honest: We’re all still annoyed about the green eyes thing. | If "Harry Potter" Characters Looked Like They Did In The Books


RULES:: •Hate the character, not the RPer •PG-13, please •Cussing is allowed but keep it under control please •No stealing FCs •All FCs must be OCs •Keep up with events •Invite more people •Six FCs MAX •Don't pin stuff like Hogsmede trips because I will have a time and place for that


Rose, Alice, Roxanne, and Charlie were all roommates and great friends. Their frequently held gossip sessions included Alice blushing over a certain Potter boy, Roxanne sharing juicy secrets, Charlie picking out favorite muggle movie to watch, and...

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12 Texts From The "Harry Potter" Universe

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