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I have been brewing on my Recirculating Infusion Mashing System (RIMS) for a little over a year now, and am loving every minute of it. When I first started all-grain brewing, I could never quite get my mash temperatures right. It would always be too high or too low after adding the grains to the... Read more »

Bulldog Brewer, complete craft brewing system. All in one complete grain brewing system for home beermaking. Everyone can now become a master beer brewer without any previous skills!! Start with crushed grain, then mash, lauter,sparge, boil and cool, all in the one high quality stainless steel unit. Gain full control over your brewing, from ingredients through to the final beer of any type or style. The options are limitless and the world is your pint! Call 01606 359 137 for more details.

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Tips for Brewing Your First Batch of All-Grain Homebrew

Tips for Brewing Your First Batch of All-Grain Homebrew | E. C. Kraus Homebrewing Blog

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All Grain Brewing

Beer Brewing Process


How to Brew a Smoked Porter (With All-Grain Recipe)

Much like any other porter recipe, the trick to brewing a smoked porter is finding the right balance. Click here to learn how to brew a smoked porter.


How to Brew a Vanilla Porter

This one actually has a(?) recipe(s?), not just basic instructions on how to use the vanilla bean and the coffee. This website has a lot of recipes, actually. Here's a link to their home brewing section: