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Tudor coin from King Henry viii's reign.And he looks EXACTLY like the fat,spoilt,wife-murdering tyrannical,it's-all-about-me bastard that he was.Imagine that.

from Cannon Beach Treasure Company

Spanish Gold Doubloon - The Coin of Pirate Lore - 1597 22K Gold 2 Escudo in 18K Gold Pendant

No other coin is quite so legendary - or quite so regal - as the glittering 22K gold doubloon. Desired above all other currency by kings, princesses, pirates, privateers and adventurers for centuries, this stunning example of the coin-minters art is the unquestioned treasure coin to end all treasure coins! This stunning Gold Doubloon features the proud Crusader Cross front and center.

from Global Gallivanting Travel Blog

What does India’s demonetization mean for tourists? (Plus tips to help you cope)

On the 9th November 2016, all currency denominations of 500 Rupees and 1,000 Rupees ceased to be legal tender in India in a sudden and surprise demonetization move by the Indian government as part of a crackdown on corruption, counterfeit currency and black money. Here's what this means for tourists and travellers in India


Merovingian: Gold tremissis of Eadbald King of Kent (604-40), London, c. 630, reading AVDVARLÐ REGES (King Eadbald). Lent by Lord Stewartby.