Basically, yes. This is what happened and I know cause I do it all the time myself.

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Somtimes I just need me some shanaenae LOL! Things that crack me up! LOL reminds me when I was a kid kicking it all by myself, just me & some martin :-)

I: People are making memes out of you guys constantly. Have you seen one of yourself you really like? C: I have a meme of myself….I call myself chocolate daddy. #millie brown #caleb mclaughlin #gaten matarazzo

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I had a massive family drama going on - worse than reality shows - and the dad had about 7 kids with a different wife for each one and the story consisted of them all slowly dying. I had this washing basket - called the lava pit - and they all eventually got tossed in by another member of the family as a sacrifice... I scared myself..

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