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BMW's i8 supercar coming 2016 I had an opportunity to drive a BMW street car on a race track and out all the cars I drove that day it handled like a race car....OUTSTANDING


At your local Independent Mercedes Specialist MB Liverpool we know that the air conditioning system in your Mercedes-Benz works hard all year round. Maintaining a comfortable temperature for you and your passengers is a vital part of a fully operational Mercedes air conditioning system, whilst at the same time filtering out pollen, dust and also minimising condensation. Did you know that continuous use actually... FULL ARTICLE…


Ford Capri Interior Panel Seats Exterior (1972). One of my favorite cars of all time. I had a '76 and an '81 model. Both 2.0 ltrs. One a four banger the other a six.


‘Black Panther’ BMW R1100 – K-Speed Customs

‘Black Panther’ BMW R1100 – K-Speed Customs. In many ways, It's BMW's eccentricities that make them so interesting. From the air cooling and boxer engines to shaft drive and weird headlights, there's just something about all that awkward Germanic design that really sets them apart. But of all their unique outside-the-square thinking, there's nothing more endearing than their...


BMW E9. First car I drooled over. I had to bike past a car like this all summer once; and drool every day.


‘Xaver’ BMW K100 – Titan Motorcycles

‘Xaver’ BMW K100 – Titan Motorcycles. What's the biggest change you've ever undergone when buying a new bike? For many of us, it's simply the newer, bigger, better model of whatever it was we were already riding. The more daring of us might jump ship to another brand or, if they are getting old and all complain-y like me, something with a bit more comfort that's easier on the...