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What Color Is Your Inner Fire?

Here the different colours of the wolves represent the contrasting characters of hamlet and Horatio. Hamlet is bawdy, a leader and quick to react, whereas Horatio is a follower, thinker and quiet. the wolves also show pack mentality, which relates to the way that Hamlet and Horatio always have a plan together and are mostly together.

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Jerry Vanderstelt Lord of the Rings Art

The King is behind Hamlet in this picture, which shows that he is the one controlling and overlooking Hamlet's actions.

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All You Need To Know About King Lear

Today the National Theatre is live-broadcasting their current production of King Lear, starring Simon Russel Beale, to cinemas all over the world. For any of my readers who haven't seen or read King Lear yet, I have attempted to summarize all the important parts here without spoiling anything.  Remember to check out my on-going King Lear scene-by-scene summaries here !


In Celtic spiritual traditions, it is believed that the soul radiates all about the physical body, what some refer to as an aura. When you connect with another person and then become completely open and trusting with that individual, your two souls begin to flow together. Should such a deep bond be truly formed, it is said you have found your Anam Cara or Soul Friend --John O'Donohue ..*

3 Notes on the Fretboard! Want to memorize all of them as fast as possible? Try this: Memorize 1 string 2 frets and 2 notes on every string Do all 3 of these every day for 2 weeks for about 5-10 min per day and you will easily master your Fretboard. For more ways to master your fretboard visit!

"You're nothing to be afraid of; you're only a boy with a sword. You pretend to be king, but truly you are worth less than a beggar's brat, with about as much courage. So show me. Show me what they're all afraid of."


What I admire most about South Korean fashion is that the individuals aren't afraid to go out looking different. Everyone nowadays seems to be judged based on what you wear but for girls (and boys too) in South Korea it seems to be a breeze for them and I like that since it can inspire and give men and women courage to wear what they like and show it off to the rest of society in a "in yo face" way keep it up ladies you all look fabulous around the world!!!