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Wedding Budget: Saving Money #infographic

I am all about saving money, especially for an event that costs as much as a wedding. Here are some great ideas on how to trim the costs while not sacrificing a lot on your vision.


So what is it all about? The Yulin Dog Eating Festival is a yearly tradition in Yulin, the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region of China. It is a festival deeply rooted in ancient Chinese tradition. It is also deeply rooted in animal cruelty. Stray dogs and cats are rounded up. Much loved pets are also illegally grabbed in order to satisfy the feeding frenzy that will take place. Animals are cruelly slaughtered many skinned alive.

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The Afropunk Festival Brought Out the Best in Black Beauty


You’re ready to start making some changes, KICKSTART a healthy lifestyle, but you’re not quite sure what to do and how to change? This is everything you need to know in an incredible all bases covered, start to finish programme that'll get you fitter, healthier, and stronger in just 28 days.


Josephine Wall Pisces: Feb 19—March 20 Neptune, God of the Sea, master of illusion and mystery, rules Pisces. Those born under this sign have affinity for the performing arts, music, writing…anything that allows them to dream and create a more beautiful world. This same tendency toward illusion can also be expressed in self-delusion, as Pisces would rather ignore anything that isn’t in keeping with their lovely vision of the world. .

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The Top 10 Most Controversial Artworks of All Time

Pablo Picasso's controversial "Guernica" is a political statement. This paintings illustrates an immediate reaction to the Nazi's casual bombing during the Spanish Civil War. This painting is an antiwar symbol, and a reminder of the tragedies. Guernica interpretations vary widely. There are also critics warn against trusting the political message.