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Mortgages: How to get the best deal

An expert explains why saving up for longer can make a big difference to the amount lenders charge for a mortgage.

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Secrets Behind Praying on Time....Although I'm not Muslim/ Islamic, I understand this & see its benefits. We should all pray more & on time, consistently


Islam has raised the status of Women from below the earth to so high that Paradise lies at her feet. This was one of the things that was taught about women under the education system of Islam to all it's citizens, male and female, from a young age. Which will underpin the attitudes towards women under Islamic teachings (state). People, including men, were natured in an environment where women were seen as a trust from Allah (SWT) that must be honoured and protected. The islamic laws created…


Professor Mohamad Abdalla answers this all important question. In today’s world we are seeing a rise in Islamophobia and many Muslims are being attacked or even killed because of this. Our masjids are getting attacked and our way of life. So how can we really respond? Find out here:

Muslims are always in the news these days. We ask do all Muslims represent Islam?