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OMG this Cross Stitch of All 151 Original Pokémon is amazing! There's also a great time laps video of it's creation.

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These handy reference images were taken from Reddit/Imgur. Go give the original author jadael some credit please. Here are all the 151 Pokemon names along with their types. See the full list over at the Pokemon Go IGN Pokedex page. Bulbasaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison) Ivysaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison) Venusaur (Type1: Grass, Type2: Poison) …

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I caught them all (except the region-locked ones) so 151 total! Anyone else get them all?

Pokemon GO guide: List of ALL 151 pokemon in the game

In the past I have had trouble coming up with ideas for pokemon names, so I decided to make a place for them that won't be filled with "fat nurse" the Blissey or "butts" the Pidgey. (Click the Ditto...

Evolution. I literally sat here and watched all 151 of these. It was worth it. Also, all pokemon came from cats.

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heart 20 Pokédex - Top 151 All Pokémon

Dutch Wonderland I Art Print by Fawn Gehweiler

Best Pokemon Poster! (minus the faces of ash, misty, Brock, Gary and prof oak. But I know they are there to make the poster even.)

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Gotta hunt them all: Pokemon x Monster Hunter!