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Many Jews still living in danger areas of exile in the world, awaiting the opportunity for Aliyah ( means moving to Israel thru immigr...

Baby girl name: Aliyah. Meaning: Exalted one. Origin: Arabic. Other: Alia, Alea, Aliye, Aliyah.

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Despite frequent assertions that it is a homeland for all Jews, Israel has rejected a group of would-be immigrants from Venezuela despite years of devotion to their religion. Under the policy known as aliyah, a Hebrew word meaning “ascending,” any Jewish person may emigrate to Israel, regardless of their nation of origin. “I would like to tell all European Jews and all Jews wherever they are: Israel is the home of every Jew,” Netanyahu said after an attack on a synagogue in Copenhagen in…

Aaliyah- Loves overalls because they are comfortable and functional. Functional meaning has lots of pockets and get easily get her hands "dirty". The crop top gives an amazing "sexiness" that aye loves.

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Do not mess with the batfamily Frm bd: Batman, the definitive board
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Aliyah Name Meaning Couldn't find one online, so had to make my own. :)

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