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Vikings Infographic. I'm a little wary of posting an infographic from the History Channel, notorious for rarely doing its history homework, not to mention all its ancient alien programming posing as real science, and they should have done spellcheck first, but...


Detailed studies of the geographic alignment of famous ancient world sites have been conducted. According to the research the Great Pyramid (Giza) is aligned with Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines and Easter Island along a straight line around the center of the Earth, within a margin of error of less than one tenth of one degree of latitude.


yes alien space craft are real look at this video part 3 the truth about the past & present

To find out a little more about "sons of god" or "divine beings" read Ps. 82.


Puma Punku’s ancient mystery unresolved due to lack of data. 300 ton stones placed 13,300 feet above sea level. Precision drill holes and perfect angles in solid granite.


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Above: No records exist of any contact between these civilizations. How, then, can we explain parallels like pyramid construction, corbel arches, and mummification????