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Aliens Colonial Marine, Tyler Bartley on ArtStation at


So Mary Daugherty looked this up for us - it's actually a lichen, and bushwalk has great fungi posted too, all from Australia. Enl. översättn. är det lav, som det betyer på svenska


Retired US soldier claims he has spent 17 years battling ALIENS on Mars - Daily Star. JUST FOR FUUUUUUN!

from Harper's BAZAAR

The Best Film Fashion of 2014

Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"


I had a headcanon throughout the movie that she (her, not black widow) was Harriet Jones (you know, "Harriet Jones, Prime Minister", "Yes, we know who you are"). After "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End", she joined World Security Council to discreetly defend the world against more Alien threats.

from Ken the DM

Sanguine Grail Orcs (5e Stats)

...those of the Quendi that came into the hands of Melkor were put in prison, and by slow arts of cruelty were corrupted and enslaved. And thus did Melkor breed the hideous race of the Orcs in mockery and envy of the Elves, of whom they were afterwards the bitterest foes. And deep in their dark hearts the Orcs loathed their Master.


Navajo Petroglyphs at Crow Canyon.Detail of pictograph panel, Crow Canyon. Navajo people interpret this as a representation of Gháá' ask'idii. His horns tie him to the Mountain Sheep People, an ancient race associated with the night chant, Tl'eejí. Generally a benevolent figure, Gháá' ask'idii carries many kinds of seeds and foods in his feather-crowned backpack.Photograph by James Matthew Copeland, via New Mexico Bureau of Land Management.