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So Mary Daugherty looked this up for us - it's actually a lichen, and bushwalk has great fungi posted too, all from Australia. Enl. översättn. är det lav, som det betyer på svenska

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Headcanon: Deadpool is a huge Winter Soldier fanboy and has been trying to track the ‘ghost’ movements for years. He has many conspiracy theories for who he is and where he came from that ranged from alien invaders to some cranky old guy named Bob

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Aliens Colonial Marine, Tyler Bartley on ArtStation at

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I had a headcanon throughout the movie that she (her, not black widow) was Harriet Jones (you know, "Harriet Jones, Prime Minister", "Yes, we know who you are"). After "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End", she joined World Security Council to discreetly defend the world against more Alien threats.

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