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Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro

Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro | Amazing book I had to share from Penguin Random House

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10 Lovely Quotes From Nobel Prize Winner Alice Munro

“There is a limit to the amount of misery and disarray you will put up with, for love, just as there is a limit to the amount of mess you can stand about a house. You can’t know the limit beforehand, but you will know when you’ve reached it. I believe this.” Alice Munro

MI VIDA QUERIDA. - El amor, que nos acecha desde el pasado o nos reclama desde el futuro, es el tema central de esta nueva colección de cuentos de la gran Alice Munro.

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50 Books Every Woman Should Read Before She Turns 40

So powerful are Munro's short stories that she won a Nobel Prize for her career in 2013, when the committee called her a master of the genre. This particular collection is a great place to begin appreciating her work.