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Botanical Source « Alginate « KIMICA corporation | manufacturer and world-wide supplier of "Alginate / Alginic acid" Alginic Acid, Propylene Glycol Alginate, Calcium Alginate

"It's used for the production of agar, alginates and carrageenan. Chemicals from brown seaweeds such as alginic acid, mannitol, laminarin, fucoidan and iodine have been extracted successfully on a commercial basis", he said.

Alive Reef Safe Sunscreen™ delivers double protection. Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection is provided by natural, non-nano Zinc Oxide. Superior skin hydration is provided by our Marine Actives™ Alginic Acid, which is a natural hydration barrier. The combination of Zinc Oxide and Alginic Acid minimizes drying and aging of the skin from UV and heat. The 200 namometer size particles avoids the risk of absorbtion in the body caused by smaller nano particles. This all natural sunscreen is water…

Appearance: Black Brown Flake/Powder #Alginic #Acid: 16% Water Solubility: Completely #Organic #Matter: 45-55% Odor: #Seaweed Smell Nitrogen: 2% PH Value: 6.5-9.0 #Phosphorous (P2O5): 4% Moisture: 5% #Potassium (K2O): 14%

18%alginic acid from marine seaweed based fertilizer,seaweed extract fertilizer, View seaweed extract fertilizer, Honganyuan seaweed fertilizer Product Details from Pingxiang Red An Yuan Humic Acid Co., Ltd.---email: ,whatsapp :008614707090699

Vita Sea Mask System | Healing Zone Aesthetics Nature’s Oceanic Supplement Algae! Cryogenic Mask: Alginic Acid Mannitol Spirulina Cryogenic Activator: Aloe Vera Gel Spearmint Essential Oil Thyme Extract Menthol

Dif­fer­ent between dye and pigment 1. Dyes are water sol­u­ble (70% dyes are water sol­u­ble 30% water insol­u­ble). Pig­ments are water insol­u­ble (100%). 2. Dyes are organic chem­i­cal com­pound. Pig­ments are min­eral com­pound. 3. Dyes do not require any bind­ing agent or binder – Alginic acid, Gluten etc. Pig­ments require bind­ing agent. 4. Dye process...

Tasty snot slime anyone? Enjoying slime polymer made from the cell wall of brown algae (alginic acid) and complexed with calcium chloride with a little jelly crystals to make it taste yummy (bubble gum flavor)