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Algebra Simplifier

Min-sommen. makkelijk zelf uit te breiden en...... waarom zouden kinderen de puzzel niet zelf kunnen maken? dan kunnennze elkaars puzzels oplossen. Motivatie! Subtraction Puzzles


Cute idea... good way to get them to learn square roots without them knowing it because they know the numbers under the post its! It is very inexpensive and not at all time consuming to make. The only problem I can think of with this would be the postit notes loosing their ability to stick onto the clock's face.


Middle School Math Madness!: Tarsia Puzzle Maker... Want your very own math puzzles? This blog post links to software that allows you to create some!

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Practice Simplifying Expressions With These Algebra Worksheets

Practice Simplifying Expressions With These Algebra Worksheets: Worksheet # 4 - Use the Distributive Property, Combine Like Terms


How to Simplify Algebraic Expressions

Learn how to simplify algebraic expressions step by step. Beginning algebra starts with mastering combining like terms.