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from Great British Chefs

Grilled aubergine rolls

This vegetarian dish from Alfred Prasad parades aubergine at its versatile best, rolling each slice around an exciting quinoa and paneer filling. 328 calories

from Great British Chefs

Peshwari lamb kebab

Peshwari lamb kebab - Alfred Prasad. This delightful lamb kebab recipe features grilled lamb chops marinated with raw papaya, garlic, ground chilli, fennel and cream.

from Great British Chefs

Hyderabadi shanks

Alfred Prasad's lamb shanks recipe slow-cooks the meat with browned onions, ginger, garlic, yoghurt and ground spices, creating a heartening and warm main course that's perfect for impressing dinner party guests or for a lovely Indian inspired meal with your family.

from Great British Chefs

Dal makhani

This traditional slow-cooked lentil dahl recipe from Alfred Prasad infuses ginger, garlic, ground spices, and tomatoes with an indulgent cream sauce to delicious effect.

from Great British Chefs

Hyderabadi shanks

This slow-cooked lamb shanks recipe from Indian born chef, Alfred Prasad, is given fragrance by an infusion of Indian spices

from BBC Good Food

Lamb chops with Indian spices

One of the top-selling dishes at London's Tamarind restaurant, Alfred Prasad creates an Indian-inspired lamb dish, served with fresh mint

from Great British Chefs

Vegetable puffs

World-renowned Indian chef, Alfred Prasad, shares a veggie treat from his childhood with Great British Chefs

from Great British Chefs

Goan prawn curry

Goan curries commonly contain fish or seafood, and are generally spicier than the curries popular in the north of India. Alfred Prasad's stunning Goan prawn curry recipe is full of rich, deep flavours but is very simple to prepare, although it contains a couple of unusual ingredients. Kokum (dried mangosteen) and dried goraka fruit are commonly used in Indian and Sri Lankan cooking, adding a sour fruitiness to fish and meat curries.