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‪‎Alexander Fleming‬ was born on the 6 August 1881. Fleming was a Scottish bacteriologist and Nobel Prize winner, best know for his discovery of penicillin.


Sir Alexander Fleming Aug 06, 1881 - Mar 11, 1955 Sir Alexander Fleming was a Scottish biologist, pharmacologist and botanist discovered penicillin in 1928

Sir Alexander Fleming...Discovered antibiotics--- perhaps the single most important contribution to the human race.


Alexander Fleming - 1881-1955 was a Scottish biologist, pharmacologist and botanist, he discovered Penicillin in 1928 for which he shared the Nobel prize with Howard Florey and Ernst Bois Chain. The discovery would change the course of history and became the most efficacious life saving drug in the world, can you imagine life without it?


September 15, 1928 Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin On this day in 1928, Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming discovered the antibiotic penicillin. Fleming’s discovery revolutionized medicine and has saved countless people from fatal infections.


Sir Alexander Fleming was born on this day 6th August, 1881. Scottish bacteriologist and discoverer of penicillin


Alexander Fleming was the discoverer of Penicillin, something that changed medicine forever. He discovered it in 1928 but it not be until 1941 when some British scientists discovered how to make it into a usable drug. It changed the course of history. It's sad to say that after WW2 many pharmaceutical companies tried to seize control of the drug and the result was that thousands died for want of the drug.


ALEXANDER FLEMING (6 de agosto de 188, Darvel, Escocia – 11 de marzo de 1955, Londres) Famoso por descubrir la enzima antimicrobiana llamada lisozima. También fue el primero en observar los efectos antibióticos de la penicilina, obtenidos a partir del hongo Penicillium chrysogenum.