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from Not Quite Nigella

Christmas pudding vodka

Christmas pudding vodka - I made this a few years back and it was a massive hit. Now is the time to make it again!

vodka-soaked watermelon aka "Drunken Watermelon"! Ingredients: 1 bottle of Vodka (One 1.14 litre bottle) {really an alcohol} 1 Watermelon (Large) Instructions: Cut a hole into the top of the watermelon. Put the vodka into the hole and let it soak in the watermelon overnight. Cut the top off the watermelon and get ready to be hammered. I'm doing this for 4th of July - festive!!

Rumtopf (Rum Pot in german) also known as Bachelor's Jam, or Boozy Fruit. Made with Brandy it's sometimes called Tutti Frutti or Brandied FruiT

from BBC Good Food

Guinness pudding with Whisky cream

Guinness pudding with Whisky cream. Soaking the fruit in Guinness really plumps it up and gives a rich, dark pudding without the bitterness of brandy or rum

from Eats Amazing

Frozen Pineapple Ice Pops Recipe

Frozen Pineapple Popsicles recipe! Kids will love this fun food idea - a super quick, easy and healthy ice lolly alternative for the kids this summer, with video tutorial too.

from BBC Good Food

Fruity teacake

Fruity teacake. Perfect with a reviving cuppa, this cake is a keeper and will happily sit in a tin for a week or so

Bramley and Gage 6 O'Clock Gin discovered at Harewood Food Festival June 2016. Really enjoyed this one a really nice quaffing gin.

from Delish

10 Things You Need To Soak In Alcohol That Aren't Gummy Bears