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Alan Sinclair

How to Achieve a 3D effect and add fine detail such as fur and feathers to your glass engraving using silicone polishers and diamond burrs. Alan Sinclair demonstrates the use of different tools to create a 3D effect to your glass engraving. The precise fur and feather detail Alan achieves on his glass engravings are down to his own technique, this article tells you how you too can enhance your engravings with these helpful hints and tool tips.


1991 & 2011 .... 20 years difference .... Alan Rickman as Sinclair in "Close My Eyes," 1991 and as Professor Snape in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2," 2011.


Like a Norse nightmare! - Screaming Skull by alanlathwell on dA


Glass Engraving. How to Achieve a 3D Effect and Fine Detail To Fur and feathers by Eternal Tools. The glass engravings seen here are by Alan Sinclair. Alan achieves his detail using his own technique of hand held pin vice with diamond point burs and mini rubber silicone pin polishers and knife edge shaped all from Eternal Tools


Alan Sinclair, Glass Engraving Highland Cattle engraved using some dental FG burrs, silicone polishers and diamond point burrs. To find out more, read on here:


I've totally seen him in real life :)


Alan Rickman as Sinclair Bryant in a scene from "Close My Eyes". 1991

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Alan Rickman -- Looks like I have another research project ... Gotta find a date for this photo ... or at least a year.