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Alan sinclair

How to Achieve a 3D effect and add fine detail such as fur and feathers to your glass engraving using silicone polishers and diamond burrs. Alan Sinclair demonstrates the use of different tools to create a 3D effect to your glass engraving. The precise fur and feather detail Alan achieves on his glass engravings are down to his own technique, this article tells you how you too can enhance your engravings with these helpful hints and tool tips.

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Slash's Photo

Slash with Alan Sinclair /// Wildland firefighter

TWELFTH NIGHT. Barry O'Connor, Bie Engelen, David Wilkinson, Alan Sinclair

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. Alan Sinclair, David Wilkinson, Jon Comerford

Burn out operations by firefighter. Photo by Alan Sinclair / Photo courtesy of US Forest Service Gila National Forest

Secluded House by Alan Sinclair on 500px

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Alan Sinclair is a youtuber and for this video he does a social experiment on depression seeing how people would react if they see someone who is depressed.

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Pathy's Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine, Volume 1 & 2, Fifth Edition (2012). Editor(s): Alan J. Sinclair, John E. Morley, Bruno Vellas.

How to Achieve a 3D effect to your glass engraving using silicone polishers. With the help of wildlife engraver, Alan Sinclair, Eternal Tools demonstrates how different tools can help you achieve 3D effects with mini rubber silicone pin polishers and knife edge silicone polishers along with diamond point burrs for fur and feather details on glass