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Al Pacino as Michael Corleone. "Fredo don't ever take sides with anyone against the family,again...ever.

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If looks could kill... Moving over to the dark side. Al Pacino, photographed as Michael Corleone. By Steve Schapiro.

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Coffee Paintings by Ghidaq al-Nizar

Al-Nizar calls his art #zerowastecoffee because he usually paints it with what’s left of his morning coffee, making sure that none of it, not even the coffee grinds, goes to waste. He also creates latte foam art, which you can check out on his Instagram and Facebook. via

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Heather Raeburn Botanical Prints & Greeting Cards | Sweet Pea 3 | A6 Greetings Cards | Heather Raeburn Inspirations

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One of the most Legendary moments in sports history, the the U.S. hockey team beat the seemingly unbeatable Soviet team on Feb. 22, 1980 at the Lake Placid Olympics.

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