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Al Gore Climate Change

Al Gore, an ethnically Jewish (although he denies this) Christian whose falsified junk science about supposed man made climate change is being promoted forcibly even to English school children.

Thom Hartmann: Al Gore: ‘If You’re Worried About Climate Change, Don’t Vote Third Party…’ – VIDEO -

Climate change skeptics scoff as NOAA quickly links global warming, La. floods flooding_louisianaWhen a federal agency announced this week that global warming increased by 40 percent the chances of the torrential rains that caused last month’s devastating Louisiana flood, climate activists quickly spread the word. So did University of Colorado Boulder senior climate scientist Roger Pielke Sr. — for a very different reason.

To believe everything they say would be foolish! Gore became RICH on spreading Global Warming fear! He doesn't believe his own rhetoric as we can see by the LARGE CARBON FOOTPRINT he leaves by flying his own airliner everywhere!

from BBC News

Al Gore: climate change is the 'biggest challenge our civilisation faces'

Al Gore: climate change is the 'biggest crisis our civilisation faces' - 7 July 2014 Last updated at 21:24 BST Climate change is "the biggest crisis our civilisation faces", says former US Vice President Al Gore. Mr Gore sat down with the BBC's Jon Donnison in Australia, where his organisation, The Climate Reality Project, was holding training sessions to educate future leaders in the fight against climate change.


Weather Channel Founder Warns Gore May ‘Win’ Climate Debate in 2016 – Gore May ‘Declare Victory’ al_gore_manbearpigWeather Channel Founder John Coleman, a meteorologist for over six decades, is warning that Al Gore may win the decades long “global warming” debate if the victor of the 2016 Presidential election further cements the UN Paris climate agreement and EPA regulations on carbon dioxide. “This election may be a ‘tipping point’ in the climate debate,” Coleman declared in an interview

'Before the Flood': Film Review | TIFF 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio travels the world exploring climate change in 'Before the Flood.' read more