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Al-Razi & Al Biruni Al-razi was a scientist, alchemist and chemist, and mathematician. He also discovered the compounds for alcohol and kerosene. Many books were accredited to him about alchemy. Al-biruni was well known for work in physics, mathematics, astronomy, and natural sciences, and also distinguished himself as a historian, chronologist and linguist. He wrote 95 books on astronomy and mathematics. He devised his own way to determine the radius of the earth.


Persian Astrolabe design from a text by one of the greatest Islamic scientists, al-Bîrûnî (973-1048),.


This is an illustration from Al-Biruni's astronomical works, explains the different phases of the moon.

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Kitab al-Bulhan ... [etc.] composite codex. Written in Arabic, location unknown, dated 14th-15th centuries. Composite manuscript in Arabic of divinatory works, dating principally from the late 14th century A.D., containing astrological, astronomical and geomantic texts compiled by Abd al-Hasan Al-Isfahani, with illustrations. Fol. 81r is in Turkish.


AL-BIRUNI (973-1050)


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Lunar Eclipse (Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, 1019): An illustration showing the different phases of the moon from al-Biruni's manuscript copy of his Kitab al-Tafhim (Book of Instruction on the Principles of the Art of Astrology)


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Omar Khayyām ou de Khayyām ou de M. F. Farzaneh et Jean Malaplate (dans l'édition critique de Sadegh Hedayat, Corti, 1993). Sa date de naissance est supposée. Wikipédia Naissance : 18 mai 1048, Nishapur, Iran Décès : 4 décembre 1131, Nishapur, Iran Père : Ibrahim Khayyam Nayshapuri Influences : Avicenne, Al-Khwârizmî, Al-Biruni, Alhazen

Isaiah’s vision of Jesus riding a donkey and Muhammad riding a camel, al-Biruni, al-Athar al-Baqiyya ‘an al-Qurun al-Khaliyya (Chronology of Ancient Nations), Tabriz, Iran, 1307-8. Edinburgh University Library. / Hz. İşaya’nın düşte gördüğü, eşek sırtında Hz. İsa ve deve sırtında Hz. Muhammed’in tasviri. (Birûnî, el-Âsârü’l-bakıyye an el-kuruni’l-hâliyye, Tebriz, 1307–8. Edinburgh University Library.