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Ayrton Senna's 1990 MP4/5 was sponsored by... Dragon Ball Z. Akira Toriyama DBZ pit crew art.


No matter how much work the director, the assistant director, the cameraman or the lightning technicians put into a film, the audience never knows. What is necessary is to show them something that is complete and has no excess...The art of the cinema has been called an art of time, but time used to no purpose cannot be called anything but wasted time. - Akira Kurosawa

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Mary Stuart

Adelaide Kane as Mary, Queen of Scots | Reign


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Arguably the most famous Japanese film director of all time, Akira Kurosawa is also sometimes called the Emperor, because he was such a tyrant on the set. His career went from WWII to the early 1990s, and his best known films are his samurai epics, such as SEVEN SAMURAI. However, he also made intimate dramas,


Akira Kurosawa (黒澤 明 Kurosawa Akira?, March 23, 1910 – September 6, 1998) was a Japanese film director, screenwriter, producer, and editor. Regarded as one of the most important and influential filmmakers in the history of cinema, Kurosawa directed 30 films in a career spanning 57 years.