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Live action Akira trailer is incredible

Stray Dog (1949) - directed by Akira Kurosawa - poster art by Tony Stella

from BuzzFeed

This Fan-Made Trailer For A Live Action "Akira" Is Too Amazing For Words

Trailer For A Live Action - "Akira"


One of my cats has this ‘logo’ on her back and I recently saw the Akira trailer so I drew this instead of working on my comic tonight.

Rashomon (1950), Akira Kurosawa. 4 voices, different stories -which one is the truth? Such a classic.


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Un trailer pour l'animé elDLIVE, 28 Septembre 2016

C'est via son site officiel que nous découvrons le premier trailer de l'anime elDLIVE. Pour rappel il s'agit de l'adaptation du manga ēlDLIVE d'Akira Amano (connu en France pour...