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Taken from the Solo Türk, the F-16 solo aerobatics display team of the Turkish Air Force during a display in Girne, Kyrenia, Cyprus. While diving and turning, the pilot released flares, high-temperature heat sources used to mislead surface-to-air or air-to-air missile’s heat-seeking targeting systems, creating the pyrotechnic visual effect you can see behind the plane.

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Turkish Air Force F-4 Phantom landing at Konya Air Base Canvas Art - Giovanni CollaStocktrek Images (32 x 25)

Hawker Hurricane Mk II C turkish air force 1942 - pin by Paolo Marzioli

Turkish Air Force F-16D Block 52 with conformal fuel tanks Canvas Art - Timm ZiegenthalerStocktrek Images (35 x 24)

Turkish Air Force F-4 Phantom at Konya Air Base Turkey Canvas Art - Giovanni CollaStocktrek Images (17 x 12)

A Turkish Air Force C-130 in flight over Konya Turkey Canvas Art - Riccardo NiccoliStocktrek Images (34 x 23)

In 1941, Germany made an arms export offer to Turkey which included aircraft to modernize the Turkish air force. The negotiations were concluded in July 1942, and resulted in a barter deal whereby Germany would provide 72 Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-3 fighters in exchange for chromium and high-grade iron. The first Fw-190 arrived in Turkey in July 1942, and the last of the seventy-two in March 1943. The planes were assigned to the 5th Fighter regiment at Eskisehir airbase in the country’s interior.

Turkish air force live fire exercise with latest weapon technology | Turkish Air Force Boeing KC135E Stratotanker 63-3567

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