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from Survival Life

How A Simple Air Rifle Can Save Your Life

Get to know the advantage of having an air rifle as a survival strategy | #SurvivalLife


The MCX / MPX Series from Sig Sauer Airguns are CO2 powered, semi auto air rifles that fire lead pellets. These models are produced in the same factory as the real models, ensuring high quality and remarkable realism for an amazing shooting experience. An 88g CO2 cylinder fits into the rear stock, which then propels the pellets from a 30 shot belt feed magazine into a rifled steel barrel for superb accuracy and consistency each shot.

from Geek Prepper

Air Rifles for Post-SHTF Hunting

Air rifles are the perfect, stealthy solution for providing food for your family after SHTF. Make sure to keep a couple air rifles ready for the collapse.


The BSA Ultra Multishot Tactical Air Rifle is a Precharge Air Rifle in the BSA Air Rifles range. The Ultra Multishot, adds autoload capability in the form of BSA’s 10-shot pellet magazine. This works superbly with the Ultra’s unique, MMC cocking system and spring-loaded pellet probe and allows the shooter to fire shot after shot without taking the rifle off aim – and that can be a real advantage in a hunting situation.


The Weihrauch HW100 Air Rifle is the latest PCP air rifle in the Weihrauch air rifle range. Our new sporter, the first pre-charged air rifle from Weihrauch: excellent accuracy · vibration free shot release · fast and easy repeating · 14-shot magazine capacity · filled air cartridge with 200 bar · with quick-fill-equipment (without hose) · integral pressure gauge · available in cal. .177" (4,5 mm) and .22" (5,5 mm) · well-balanced · two stage adjustable match trigger with manual safety.