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Air Force Special Operations

A steely eyed, bearded warrior (SAS Oman) waits patiently for a Hipster to trundle by on a fixie, drinking a flax and kale smoothie.


A close up of a bouncing bomb in position beneath a specially-converted #ww2 #Lancaster #Bomber 617 #squadron READ MORE: :


“Sweet and Lovely”Boeing B-17F-115-BO Flying Fortress, Serial: 42-30721533rd Bomb Squadron, 381st Bomb Group, 8th Air Force After 27 combat missions with the 381st this plane was transferred to use for radio-relay operations for the 65th Fighter Wing. The plane would orbit over the English Channel and transfer radio messages to Air/Sea Rescue from aircrews in trouble. The plane was painted in special recognition markings, red and white stripes ~


A CV-22 Osprey connects to an MC-130H Combat Talon II air-refueling receptacle during a training mission at Hurlburt Field, Fla., Sept. 7, 2016. The Osprey is a versatile, self-deployable aircraft that offers increased speed and range over other rotary-wing aircraft, enabling Air Force Special Operations Command aircrews to execute long-range special operations missions. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Joseph Pick)

A USAF Douglas/On Mark A-26K Invader of the 609th Special Operations Squadron near Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base, between 1967 and 1969. The A-26K (B-26K) 64-17645 (ex A-26C 44-35546) had been in Chilenean service in the 1950s. It was rebuilt by On Mark as a B-26K and used by the CIA in the Congo from 1964-66 as RF645 and later FR-645. It arrived in SEA, Aug 1967 and was turned over from the USAF to the South Vietnamese Air Force on 10 Nov 1969.~ BFD


1 - British SAS UK The Special Air Service trained to perform equally well in all the fields listed for the SEALs, but is also trained by MI-5 and MI-6 for in-depth counter-espionage, more so than the SEALs. Physical competency must be of equal stature to the SEALs, to the degree that both special forces work closely together when necessary (Iraq and Afghanistan) and have good camaraderie. They have the distinction of being the model on which almost all national commando units are base