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One of the Red Arrow's Syncro Pair in a Bae Hawk trainer at Weston Air Festival 2014 © Shaun Schofield -


Harrison Ford plays a onetime combat hero in the Vietnam War who is now President of the United States. While visiting the former Soviet Union, he gives a speech in which he supports a get-tough attitude against terrorists. While flying back to the United States aboard Air Force One, the president and his staff discover that one of the journalists returning with them is actually a terrorist who hijacks the plane.

Gary Oldman - a chamelion actor. He can look and sound so many different ways, people often see him in multiple films and son't realize he is the same actor :)


Brilliant action movie combining Jerry Goldsmith's amazing musical score. Great acting performances by Harrison Ford, Glenn Close and Gary Oldman.


Air Force One Movie Poster (11 x 17)

Air Force One,1997, starring Harrison Ford One of my favorite movies of all time with on my favorite this movie


Second Lieutenant K F Nichol Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force Faces of the First World War The full story is not always known to us. If you know more, please tell us in the comments below. Find out more about this First World War Centenary project at This image is from IWM Collections.


ACTION FILM ALPHABET | a) Air Force One; b) Bad Boys; c) Con Air; d) Die Hard; e) Expendables; f) Face Off; g) Gone in 60 Seconds; h) Hot Fuzz; i) Independence Day; j) Jack Reacher; k) Kickboxer; l) Lethal Weapon 3; m) Mission Impossible; n) Nikita; o) Ocean's 11; p) Point Break; q) Quantum of Solace; r) Rush Hour; s) Sherlock Holmes; t) Top Gun; u) Under Siege; v) Volcano; w) Waterworld; x) xXx; y) You only live twice; z) Zero Dark Thirty |