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Air embolism in the brain a 42-year-old man with leukemia and fungal pneumonia (panel A) with was in a respirator after acute respiratory failure. Suddenly he coughed up blood and went into cardiac arrest. He was resuscitated, but CT-scan (panel B) showed a large amount of air in the blood vessels of the brain (air embolism). Cardiac resuscitation and mechanical ventilation (perhaps combined with the lung infection) were the likely cause of the air embolism in this patient.

Air embolism is a medical condition characterized by an air/gas bubble or bubbles in the bloodstream, which cause a variety of problems ranging from blockage of blood supply to organs, stroke like symptoms, and possible cardiac arrest if it reaches the heart. The primary causes for air embolism othe…

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Hemodialysis air embolism nursing actions

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Air Embolism in PT receiving Hemodialysis.

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Q: I heard a lot about air embolism during my certification class. What causes it, and how can it be avoided?

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Air or Gas Embolism - Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is used for the treatment of air embolism and decompressed sickness. At a very high level of atmospheric pressure, oxygen is used for therapeutic purpose; it helps in wound healing over 40 years. Visit to check details about the hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Mumbai.