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Protection against wind and weather. | Bicycle storage | Take a day to do yourself and your bikes a favour with this bikeport. The costs for the bikeport are approx. £320.The following construction guide applies to solid spruce wood. Simply have the required posts, joists and roof boards (see material list) cut to size at the DIY store or by your carpenter. If you use other materials or material with a different thickness, adapt the parts list accordingly.You will find a detailed material…

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How to cool your home with a DIY aircon that doesn't use electricity

Cut holes in a grid pattern that are large enough for a bottle neck, but be sure the cuts are spaced out according to the size of the bottle. Slice along the body of the bottle and cut away the tops of the caps before placing them back on the bottle ¿ this helps fix the bottle into the board/ DIY air conditioner, no electricity needed.


Energy Star- Tips for saving energy! Woodfin can have someone come out to do a whole home evaluation.

By far the most cost effective method to cool your tent is by building your own DIY Tent Air Conditioner (evaporative cooler). For under $100 and less than 2 hours of work you will have a great tool to cool your tent. You can scale the cooler to any size to suit your needs but the basic construction stays the same.

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Bigger System, Bigger Problems?

If you’re building a new home, remodeling an existing home, or just getting a new air conditioner in an existing home, ask your builder, remodeler, or HVAC contractor how they’re planning to size the air conditioner. If they tell you they’re basing it on the size of your house, don’t let them do it.

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How Walls Are Made

how to install wooden wall panels (kitchen / bathroom)

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My Window Air Conditioner Smells Bad! — Good Tech Questions

My Window Air Conditioner Smells Bad! — Good Tech Questions | Apartment Therapy