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Avatar's bender training scroll.

Avatar's bender training scroll. I need this, in case the fire nation attack Minnesota <-- Lol comment

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Amazing Artworks Collection of Aang

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I don't know any person who is fitting for an air bender..maybe some day I'll meet someone I think is an air bender :3

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An interesting bending chart showing the interconnectedness of the 4 elements. The flow of this is very alchemical in nature.

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Use these images to develop sequences of movement material? An illustration of the four elemental bending styles in the world of The Last Avatar

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I have air hands wbu? (from Avatar)

Why is the Earth hand soo big? Does toph have huge hands? (I don't think so) Earth bending is not about physical size and strength. We all love THE BOULDER, but we also know he's not the best earth bender

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Bending sub-specialization. Which element would you choose?

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