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Scorpion Stings: Dangers and Treatment Options


10 first aid skills every parent should have


Black Cohosh used for treating hot flashes & has shown to be just as effective as pharmaceutical estrogen. Fatty acids in flaxseed oil contain plant lignans which are similar to estrogen possibly causing estrogen levels to stabilize. Evening primrose has a cooling effect on the skin & regulates the production of estrogen while acting as a sleep aid. Drink a few cups of organic sage tea daily. Synthetic bedding/clothing contribute to over-heating the body so natural fibers are best. #dherbs

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The Bunion Aid® Treatment Splint is the only podiatrist recommended bunion splint proven to effectively treat bunions. Hmmm. I need this

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Aromatherapy Essential Oils have powerful anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that make them excellent for First Aid treatment

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With hazel is a mild and gentle herb known as an all around first aid treatment for burns, abrasions, insect bites and stings. It is also used as a beauty treatment for clear skin, under eye circles, puffiness, and enlarged pores. Witch Hazel Leaf | Herbal Medicine | Natural Remedies