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Agriculture Companies

US – A new class-action lawsuit has alleged big poultry companies, including Tyson and Perdue Farms among others, were engaged in a scheme to fix prices by killing flocks and destroying eggs to limit production.

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The Awakening

Persephone. In Greek mythology, Persephone (pronunciation: /pərˈsɛfəniː…


Here is the indigo vat recipe that I have been working with written by Earth Hues. They are a wonderful company supporting agriculture, natural color and artisans around the world. I order my pigment from them and every time I order, I ask where the pigment is from. Most of the time the pigment has been from El Salvador. This is the recipe they provide and it's fantastic!


The project was done for a web site of an agricultural holding company – Agroreserv. I decided to present a complicated data about client’s assets


blog post about foula sheep and the yarn company which sells it. image Copyright Foula Wool


Bayer is planning to buy out Monsanto, an agricultural company that focuses on genetically modified seeds. Bayer has agreed with Monsanto to pay $128 million dollars per share. This will make the total cost up to $66 billion dollar. This is now the largest deal announcements in 2016.

Honey bees are critically important to many aspects of agriculture, urban and rural landscapes as well as backyard gardens - and Bayer supports efforts to promote bee health. #BayerBeeTour Monsanto "Round-Up" main cause of bee death. Thank God queens lay so many eggs.