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How Agni VI is different from Agni V|Agni VI vs Agni V

Agni-V can hit multiple targets in all Asian countries, Eastern Europe, parts of North and East Africa.

Visual representation of India's new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, the Agni-V (K-V+ /XV) ICBM. Touted as the so called "China killer", this three stage missile is based on the Agni-III design. With the addition of a third stage, the missile has a possible range of 5000-6000km.

Agni V, India's first ICBM, successfully test-fired

Aksharadhool: Agni V blasts off successfully from a canister For an individual or a nation, safety has to be its paramount concern. Relevance and necessity of Agni V can therefore never be in doubt. It has to be ready all the time, so all the Indians can sleep peacefully. This week's test has made India little more secure as the missile is expected to be inducted into service in a year after a few more canister trials.


Agni-V scripts long-range success With the successful launch of the nuclear capable Agni-V on Thursday, India joins an elite group of countries possessing Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile technology.

#Agni-V can hit up to 8,000 km: Chinese expert : Beijing: Chinese experts feel that there is a lot more to India's successful long-range nuclear-capable missile Agni-V than what New Delhi is saying.

AGNI-V : India's intercontinental ballistic missile with a reported range of around 8000 kilometres [2200x1434]

Line of Control by Subodh Gupta is a dramatic gravity-defying mushroom shaped cloud made with over 1000 utensils. In his words 'After the Agni-V missile launch my mushroom cloud has a clear message we do not want another Hiroshima.' About the dimensions it measures 36 feet by 36 feet weighs 26 tons took 3 days to lift it and 7 days to install it! #artistofthemonth #subodhgupta #dadaism #art #artyscope