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An Imaginary Town Becomes Real, Then Not. True Story

Algoe, NY - Paper Towns. By far my favorite book and this just makes it better!!


An Imaginary Town Becomes Real, Then Not. True Story

Agloe, circled here, was once a fictional town in upstate New York.

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Here's What It's Like To Visit An Actual Paper Town

Agloe, New York, the famous town that John Green's Paper Towns is based on, was a fictional place until someone made it real.

Searching for Paper Towns: Agloe, NY - Without Directions Agloe, NY was officially put on the map (as a paper town) in 1930 but you’ve probably heard of the town much more recently. In 2008, the bestselling author, John Green, released his third publication titled, Paper Towns. In Paper Towns, Margo Roth Spiegelman escapes Orlando, Florida’s suburbia to live in Agloe, New York. Click the pin to read the full post!


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The fictitious town of Agloe was created by Otto G. Lindberg and his assistant, Ernest Alpers.

In which John Green talks about Paper Towns, Agloe New York, the strange relationship between the real and the fictional, and the great gift of seeing the imagined become real.

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Agloe, New York - Paper Towns

"Agloe, New York - Paper Towns" by miss-aarohi ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Dorothy Perkins and New Look

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Agloe, New York

Discover Agloe, New York in Roscoe, New York: A fictional town that was briefly brought to life before fading once again out of existence.