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SLAVE, FUTURE, CYBERPUNK, DYSTOPIA Defining dystopia and post-apocalyptic fiction by Davis Nix:

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Amazing Grace: Fifties icon's timeless style is celebrated as spectacular wardrobe is displayed for the first time

Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra in High Society (1956) the engagement dress #CostumeDesign by Helen Rose.

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Dead flowers If I use plates for my idea I would like to have a full place setting of them and set up a table like display as an instillation. I think dead flowers would further push my concept that I have in mind.

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The La Tène culture was a European Iron Age culture named after the archaeological site of La Tène on the north side of Neuenburgersee in Switzerland, where a rich cache of artifacts was discovered by Hansli Kopp in 1857. La Tène culture developed and flourished during the late Iron Age (from 450 BCE to the Roman conquest in the 1st century BCE) in Belgium, eastern France, Switzerland, Austria, Southern Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania.

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Omg yes I'm tired of people saying "let your child be whatever" because I don't want them confused at an early age

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Necklace by Rene Lalique, French designer. Lalique's jewelry, was enjoyed by the wealthy "400", mavens during NYC's Gilded Age.

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