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There are so many young girls influenced by the media and society, and in this day and age, the media and society portray everyone who isn’t under 100 pounds to be fat. Since when do you need layers of makeup covering every single flaw to be beautiful? Since when are curves fat? Since when are freckles considered ugly?...You don’t need a bunch of makeup, or diet pills, or plastic surgery, or a diet, just be yourself... because everyone is beautiful... You are enough.

from Anxious Toddlers

Child Therapist's List of Top Worries by Age

Good info to have. As adults, we parents often attribute our adult-minded anxieties to our children.


This website has helpful information on how to change the way you think in social situations. Scroll down to the "Challenging Unhelpful Thoughts" section of the document and you will find 2 exercises that you can print and fill out that will help you to recognize the thoughts that are not helpful when you feel anxious.


Not only do culturally diverse gifted students confront identify issues during adolescence, they must also cultivate an ethnic identity. "How do I identify with my ethnicity? What are my attitudes toward this group? How must I maintain its traditions and practices?" [Brandon]


Teenage years through the eyes of up and coming talent, Petra Collins


CBT can help with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, OCD, eating disorders, phobias, PTSD & many other conditions. Here is a simple reminder of the basic principles - The "Three Cs" of CBT


1950s childhood There was something cosy about growing up in the last decade in which most children retained their childish innocence to the age of 12 or 13 and enjoyed a carefree life full of fun and games. The stresses of adolescence and then adult life could wait. We were lucky.