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Basic Ag High School, All-In-One Lesson Plans

What in the world do all those lines mean on a ruler? Great activity to start basic woodworking in Ag mechanics. Lesson #8 Basic Ag Lesson Plans. Did you order your copy yet?


Need an idea for an Ag mechanics bulletin board? Morgan has you covered. Morgan Campbell PSU AgEd -


Ag mechanics plumbing activity that isn't all wet. Have the students glue up a PVC sprinkler including drilled holes. Pressure test for leaks and spray pattern. George Ranch FFA -


He might be roping but I like the looks of that rolling Ag mechanics project. 4 wheels, 2 legs, and horns. Scott City FFA -


Here's a class Ag mechanics construction project. The ag kids did the construction, art did the painting, and family & consumer sci. did the bean bags. Johnboy Wilson -

Calculating horsepower for humans is a great Ag Mechanics lab activity. Mary Shriner -