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How Many Men Feel “After the Affair”, Part 1

I know I'm not supposed to how you how hard this still is for me. I'm supposed to just bottle it up inside and act like nothing ever happened, act like I wasn't devastated. But sometimes it still knocks the wind out of me and suddenly gets so hard to breathe and hold back the tears


How to Defeat Victim Mentality After Your Husband Cheated on You: Stop The Pain From Eating Away at Your Soul, Begin to Live Like a Survivor • After The Affair – Infidelity Healing


Moving past the Betrayal of my Beliefs after the Affair

I finished writing a post last night but decided this morning not to publish it. I was reminded this morning on the fragility of life and that healing is not a journey that has a definitive end poi...

How to Save Your Marriage After the Affair ~ Five tips on how to save your marriage after the affair, from wives whose husbands cheated on them. Some forgave their husbands, others didn't. #affairs #sex #cheating #forgiveness

How Many Men Feel “After the Affair”, Part 2

Mend a Marriage After an Affair

How To Mend a Marriage After an Affair, After an affair you should first ask yourself if you are serious about staying in the relationship. If you really don't want to be together, it is better to end with respect and kindness than to prolong the suffering. If you are both willing, the marriage can recover with time and patience on both of your parts.