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Cat Saturday (34 Photos)

Serval, an African cat. (Soprenee)

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10 Small Exotic Cats That Are Kept As Pets

Either this is a cat whose legs have been stretched out, a cat wearing stilts, or something the breeders made to laugh at... Whichever it is, it's pretty damn funny.

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10 Exotic Pets that Pose No Threat to Public Safety


This picture of a baby African Serval cub, the foundation cat of the domestic Savannah hybrid!!

African golden cat (Profelis aurata) - It is a close relative of both the caracal and the serval, but current classification places it as the only member of the genus Profelis. Chat doré asiatique malais Macha

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Cat Saturday (31 Photos)

Serval Cub! || Not sure whether to but put this in "Big cats" or "Animals". Because you can have serval cats for pets, but their a lot bigger than regular house cats.

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Meet Sheldon, Your New Favorite Zoobaby

Servals Are Awesome Creatures. I have an F-2 Savannah ... who is 2nd generation from an African Serval. His grandfather is a Serval!!!! Or shall I say ... WAS may he RIP.


This male white serval, Pharoah, is super adorable and a part of a great rescue I was recently introduced to called the Big Cat Rescue.


Serval Kitten. The serval (Leptailurus serval) known in Afrikaans as Tierboskat, "tiger-forest-cat", is a medium-sized African wild cat. DNA studies have shown that the serval is closely related to the African golden cat and the caracal. They are bigger and taller than domestic cats. Source : wikipedia