How to Make Jungle Slime- a simple, basic slime recipe perfect for a jungle, rainforest, or African savanna unit. Messy, sensory play fun! ~

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Atheris is a genus of venomous vipers found only in tropical subsaharan Africa, excluding southern Africa. Confined to rain forest areas, many members have isolated and fragmented distributions

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Elephants drink water at a dam inside the Addo Elephant National Park near Port Elizabeth, South Africa. [image] Demand from Asia for quality ivory of rain forest pachyderm has spiked in African rainforest zones. Poachers have killed more than 11,000 elephants in Gabon's Minkebe National Park rain forest since 2004, Gabon's government said on Wednesday, with the massacre fueled by increasing demand for ivory in Asia.

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AFRICAN BUSH VIPER Family: Viperidae Habitat: Remote rainforest regions Fun Fact: These vipers usually ambush their prey from a hanging position.

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Tai, a sooty mangabey in the African rainforest, is one of the troop of multilingual monkeys, eight species who all understand each others calls.

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African rainforest in-Gaban, Republic of Congo, Camaroon, Congo, African republic, Togo, Ghana, and Madagascar.

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